You’re there early but he’s always there before you. You’re there late but he’s always there after you. No matter what time, he’s always suited up, looking crisp and monitoring every aspect of activity in the lobby area of the property. He’s always upbeat, utterly professional and very much aware. You can see he doesn’t think of his position as a sitting down job. How does he know so many names? This guy is organized. He’s meticulous in the guidelines to ingress and egress yet always seems to get a cheerful response. In the case of a security situation, you’re confident he could handle it with restraint yet firm resolve. This guy is the eyes and ears of our building.

This is the Blackwell Concierge.

Blackwell Concierge makes it easier for tenants to be more productive and comfortable. For all who interact with Blackwell Concierge, you have our respect, we understand your need is important, we will achieve a positive result.