Mission Statement

The goal has always been to redefine security and/or concierge services in the eyes of our own industry and our customers. Blackwell began in 1999 with a mandate to be different and infinitely better.

We started by defining the Blackwell look for both professional security and/or concierge services: The look reflects the promise to serve with diligence and perform with expertise. Attendants meet their public in tailored suits, shirt and tie, patent leather polished shoes; strict attention to appearance establishes credibility and instills confidence.

We systematically train, check, and measure the performance of our security and/or concierge personnel with an emphasis on the following: Be proactive in helping others. Think and act professionally at all times. Communicate with respect. Have a thorough knowledge of the property’s security and hospitality protocol. Know and be known.

These principals are now in our company’s DNA, providing Blackwell a distinct and discernable differentiator when it comes to security services. However, those attributes might not be enough. We must do more.

Our mission today is to validate that Blackwell security and/or concierge services and the way they are performed will make a positive impact on our customer’s revenue growth, sustainability, and shareholder value. We must be a profit center for your business, not a cost.

In the world of the RFP and the power of the lowest price, Blackwell’s brand of security and/or concierge services will not be right for all. Yet for those who are willing to investigate whether or not security and/or concierge services could make an impact on issues such as occupancy and retention, profit and loss, we encourage a closer inspection.

Welcome to Blackwell.