Continued Fight Boot Camp

About Blackwell Professional Support Services

Blackwell is honored to sponsor Ben Newman’s Continued Fight Boot Camp. Like Ben, we are not just another face in the crowd. We define superior security service. We are different and infinitely better.

We provide corporate security, lobby attendants, doorman services, concierge services and personal security.

Blackwell keeps your most valuable assets safe. We take the right measures to protect you, your business and your assets. We secure your property and your bottom line.

The Blackwell Protection Professional is the permanent, enduring, unfaltering conscience that handles all aspects of your property or event. Our Protection Professionals possess an energetic, enthusiastic and guest driven personality, have excellent people skills and understand their responsibilities. We provide superior protection and service using the highest level of respect, confidentiality, integrity and discretion.

We exceed your expectations by using well-trained, highly experienced Protection Professionals. Our Protection Professionals have superior training. Our Protection Professionals continue to engage in training and maintaining a high level of fitness. We emphasize appropriate physical fitness and professional attire for the assigned task. We are set apart from others due to our wealth of practical experience.

We believe in a collaborative, customer intimate approach to addressing the security concerns of each individual business, using our cornerstones of respect and excellence.

We not only protect you, but enhance your quality image. The consistent and dependable service of our Protection Professionals will reduce problems and improve your bottom line.

We systematically check and measure the performance of our Protection Professionals and services with an emphasis on the following:

  • Be proactive in helping others
  • Think and act professionally at all times
  • Communicate with respect
  • Have a thorough knowledge of the property’s security protocol
  • and most importantly..

    Know and be known

These principals are now in our company’s DNA, providing Blackwell distinct and discernible differentiators when it comes to security services. We always do more.

The way we perform will make a positive impact on your bottom line. We add sustainability and overall value to your property, assets and employees.

Bottom line is we do what is right for you.